Saturday, August 29, 2015

a reader’s guide to sleep  

nickel   silver   copper   gold
tin mines in Cornwall
lemon   chili   mustard   mold
Porlock   flintlock    oarlock   lock jaw
jack straw   jackdaw   see-saw Marjorie Daw
sweet marjoram’s the password    Lear at Dover Beach
once more into the breach   do I dare to eat a peach
Riki Tiki Tavi   Rin Tin Tin   tintinnabulation of the bells bells
will o’ the wisp   whip-poor-will   poor Tom’s a cold

my heart leaps up when I behold
indigo   vertigo   verdigris   chrome yellow
Quinn the Eskimo   a damsel with a dulcimer 
that sunny dome of opium
Waterloo   Rubicon   Wenlock Edge    Kubla Khan
leprechaun   la belle dame   Winken Blinken and Nod
anthrax   Achilles wrath   the topless towers of Ilium  
fiery furnace Rosebud   flaming sword Uriel    person from Porlock
bells bells bells   Big Ben   Big Chill
Alfred Lord Tennyson  

draw the curtains so so so
we’ll go to supper i’ the morning so so so
Big Bertha   Big Sleep
after many a summer
dies the swan
let me go
take back thy gift
the charm’s wound round
tin mines in Cornwall
nickel   silver   copper   gold

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