Sunday, June 1, 2014


Down-South Summer

There was tight-knitted-extended-sisterhood
in the warm circle of my “country-cousins.”

Summer heat had a zip code
on curvy black paved roads
with ditches that eavesdropped
on giggly-girl-talk.

Hopeful over our latest crushes,
we were half-bold, half-shy,
boy-crazy, empty headed and
full of belief that we knew-it-all.

Thrilled to wear clothes too-revealing
for our years that drew attention we
couldn't handle.

Like baby deer caught in the headlights of
awkward-adolescence, the black-hole of
existence was being left out or left behind.

We watered dreams of a “Grand”
future. All that was needed was me-plus-time
then-stir...we made long “to-do” list that
I still attempt to check-off today.

Send in the Clowns!

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