Sunday, June 1, 2014


The Prettiest

1. He claims they no longer sell watermelons with black seeds. It makes me sad: faceless figures slaughtering them into halves, cackling and devolving the tiny black hearts with their fingers, and pressing them until flat.  Maybe they wear those masks that look like pantyhose.
Maybe assembly lines of spayed watermelons file and trickle down into the horizon.

2. I show him the black and white patterned box on the back of the cherry bag. It says scan into your smartphone for an abundance of information. It may light up like a slot machine flashing icons: silver, yellow, and neon dollar symbols. These abundances are all too welcome:

3. Dams for one are abundant with fish because the water is always being changed and aired. Whole populations have died from too much oxygenation.
When they die they’re the prettiest because you see them best, silver scales up and caught in the sunlight.  

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