Sunday, June 1, 2014


Silver Lining

There must be an evil task master
Within me.  One
That longs to crack
The whip &
Insight mistake &
Shame & stigma & fear &
Tells stories of failure &
Would like to chain &

My psyche into states of
Despair & otherness &
Unsuccessful longing &
Loneliness.   &
This evil wizard,
This master deceiver, would have
The better part of me enslaved
To his will.  His mystic command
Of my mind and hand.  His control of my throw
& the aim of my bow.  The dark
Wind that re-directs my arrow
& constructs disasters from my
Good intentions & purity of heart.  &
Throws shadow after shadow & drapes me
In excessive ice cold contrition.  & fools
Me to play victim to myself.  Flogging
Myself for bad judgment & dis-ability—

But there is a light in my soul!  A
Unity of integrated self that’s whole.
This light in me will not stay down!
It will light up the night & right &
I write in at least my mind to rite
The course of events to make amends.
And I live, I learn & this passion,
This love that yearns & burns to earn
Sacred Union with the world; that
Rises above the darkness to be
Known as: Eros.  This unifying
Love.  An energy and entity that is
Selfless & non-discriminatory. The unity of
Particle & wave.  The
Individual of Many &
The One as All that
Creates a continuity of blessing &
Unfolding in
A happiness that delights to
Ride the wave of
Shame in order to defeat
The blame game &
Rejoice in
Being the
Same, different—
The self mining to
Construct the finding of the

Silver lining—

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