Sunday, June 1, 2014


Night Adventure

Visitors after midnight
while I slept
very quiet guests
bringing family with them

In through the front door
not using the knob
never turning the key
to unfasten the lock

Meows from the cats
rousted me from sleep
They refused
to get down off the chair

I looked at the floor
A moving black line
directly from the front door
enveloped the cat food dishes

Unable to find ant chalk
feeling the little black monsters
crawling on my skin
I became a frantic murderer

trampling them with bare feet
stomping and slapping
as they tried to escape
up my legs

From a dim place
in the recesses of my mind
I remembered pepper
grabbed a whole box of it

Sprinkling it liberally
on both sides of the door
discouraged them
from entering

I have ordered ant chalk
it’s wonderful stuff
I know they’ll be back
finding new ways to get in

For hours
I still feel crawling things
tickling my body
even if they’re not there

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