Sunday, June 1, 2014


Stay Inspired to be Alive

Have you ever let go your love
Because you thought he’ll be happy
without you?

Have you ever missed someone you care
That you always think of him?

Have you ever regretted the day
You said Goodbye to him.

I tried to forget you but to no avail…
Sleepless night and pain is deepening.

Until that day…it’s your birthday
I saw your face on my phone
Reminding me of all the
Happiness we have shared
When we were together
Just for that you inspired me again
It’s true that Love will make you alive.

Have you ever been hurt
But ignore the pain
Because you thought…
Life is worthless and you don’t care?

Have you ever experienced Blankness
in your surroundings
Because you thought...You’re already dead?

But have you ever wondered why...
That only the thought of that special, special someone
You used to love…Come back .

Like magic…  Again you fall in love..
Stay Inspired to be Alive.

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